So, I’m sitting here at work, and you’d think I’d be more productive. I don’t know if it’s just that my mind isn’t here right now, or what. I’d kinda rather be home reading a book. That is exactly why I went into the office. But since I got here I’ve played on face book, read a few (work) emails and now I’m writing. Who knows maybe inspiration will blossom from here. ….. Ok, back, had to go get coffee. I know, I know, you missed me. So, where was I? Right. Looking for inspiration. I need to make up some graphics for both my etsy’s face book page as well as start planning out some graphics in case I land the security company’s account. I’ll also be working closely with a local online news site starting tomorrow in order to try and bring in some sponsors for a wellness event they will be sponsoring. Oh, and I’ll be heading up the bake sale at my daughter’s school in 2 weeks, I want to get some info out about that, too. Oops, got distracted again. Went and bought something online. Jeez. Not that you can see me, but trust me, at least I look like I’m working and I know what I’m doing. Good thing I’m not on company time and it’s a communal office I can just go work.

Ok, clearly I can’t focus on this. Time to get moving. The motivation has happened, I have some ideas. Time to make the graphics!

-The Purple Hippo


My day/weekend.

Today I spend the day with one of my oldest and best friends, she’s also my business partner. We haven’t been able to see each other much, due to work schedules and the  distance we live from each other. We plan to knock out some work, but also just relax and enjoy our time. It will be shorter than planned, though, because Wisconsin weather has returned to normal, and it’s snowing. We both live in cities along Lake Michigan, and travel between the two cities in the snow (and freezing rain) is no joke. I am just thankful I will be able to see her today.

I will also be spending time running the sound system for a middle school basket ball tournament tonight and tomorrow. Sunday I’ll be in charge of something else entirely. So, looks like I’ll be eating a lot of concessions food. Ugh. I always feel a bit sick after that. I know it’s not good for me, and being kinda trapped isn’t good. We are supposed to lead by example as the staff of the tournament and not bring in food. I have a feeling I’ll be breaking that rule at some point tonight or tomorrow. I’m “only” there for 4, or is it 5, games tonight, but tomorrow I’ll be there approximately 14 hours, with an hour or so break around 2:00 pm. Another good friend will be hosting a LuLaRoe party, and her rep has agreed to donate her earnings to the school she works for. Hard to pass up the chance to support a school. So I’ll be spending my break shopping. I hope I find something.

I guess that’s about it for now. Nothing amazing has happened in the last few days. I have some work to complete for the marketing job, then I’ll be cleaning up around the house for a bit. That always needs to be done. At least I’ve got a good sound track to my morning. My son turned on Coheed and Cambria. Love their music, and somehow even the heavier and upbeat songs I find it relaxing. Time to refill the coffee cup and get to work. Have a good one, folks!


-The Purple Hippo

A little bit of rambling.

Ok, I have seriously started this post 3 times now. I have had little to no time to write, let alone do anything else. I’ve attended a business workshop, actually gone to work at the bakery as well as gone into the office to work on other things. Sooner rather than later I need to head back to the bakery and set up all of their social media posts for the week. Then, I’m all set for another week. Honestly, I enjoy it, and I really enjoy working with the people there, however, I’m ready for something more. I’m working on getting clients for the other business, and it’s slow going, but it will happen. I just need to be persistent. I also need to be a bit more… Sure of my self. I second guess things too much. That needs to stop for this to work.

I am also working on my own business, and I need to get new products made up. I am signing up for a craft fair in May. I need to be sure I have enough new products and bulk up the stuff I already have. I need more variety. Depending on how late I’m at the bakery today I may pull some of that stuff out and make new things. I have some ideas and I just need to get them out there.

Yesterday was pretty fabulous, though. My mom came up to the city I live in and we spent the day downtown. She got to see a bunch of things that she didn’t even know existed, and we even got to go for a walk along the lake front. Living 2 miles from Lake Michigan is something I take for granted. We have this gorgeous view so close to home, and I’m within 7 blocks of it on a daily basis and yet… I forget we have it. I need to be sure I’m more mindful of the great natural beauty around me.

For now, though, I’ll be getting ready to head to the bakery. I’d love to be home by lunch time. I’ll be sure to write again. This is a great form of therapy.

-The Purple Hippo