Been a bit.

I know. I can’t believe how long it’s been. I have been busy. New client, another meeting tomorrow (my husband thinks this one is a sure bet). Oh, and sick kids. The oldest is feeling sick again, the middle has been down for a MONTH and 3 days with mono. Yeah, that’s fun. Somehow my girl has managed to stay healthy. I’m grateful for that, at least. I have started getting into essential oils, so yeah. So far, the ones I have used have had a good deal of luck. I’m looking forward to delving farther into them and seeing how they may help with my pain management. Suggestions? Let me know. I’m all for learning new things.

Ok, that was the fastest check in ever. However, I need to get more work done. Those graphics won’t design themselves!

Have a good one,

-The Purple Hippo


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