Short update.

My middle child isn’t feeling well. As in, this is day 8 of his illness. It started last Monday with a migraine. That turned into a fever and cough. He kept the fever and finally was tested for strep throat. That came back positive, but they think he has a viral infection, too, because he keeps breaking out in hives. That, however, might just be because we have cats (which he is allergic to) and his immune system is compromised. We have been told that his mono test came back negative, but it’s likely that it was a false reading. I am still waiting on results for a second test that ran. I am not patient enough for this. Also, I want my kid well.
Today I had my first meeting with a client. It was a sales pitch, and it went great. We had a nice chat, it may have gone better if I wasn’t already friends with the business owners. We got off track frequently and took detours in the conversation. Not that I minded too much, great people, and I love them, but our hour long meeting ended up being closer to 2 hours. They did sign up with us, I will be handling their social media from here on out for at least the next 6 months. I need to get a few things handled for my etsy business and check my calendar. I may setup with another craft/vendor fair. I always appreciate the chance to get my stuff out in front of people.

Time for me to get some work done. Have a great day, folks.

-The Purple Hippo


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