So, I’m sitting here at work, and you’d think I’d be more productive. I don’t know if it’s just that my mind isn’t here right now, or what. I’d kinda rather be home reading a book. That is exactly why I went into the office. But since I got here I’ve played on face book, read a few (work) emails and now I’m writing. Who knows maybe inspiration will blossom from here. ….. Ok, back, had to go get coffee. I know, I know, you missed me. So, where was I? Right. Looking for inspiration. I need to make up some graphics for both my etsy’s face book page as well as start planning out some graphics in case I land the security company’s account. I’ll also be working closely with a local online news site starting tomorrow in order to try and bring in some sponsors for a wellness event they will be sponsoring. Oh, and I’ll be heading up the bake sale at my daughter’s school in 2 weeks, I want to get some info out about that, too. Oops, got distracted again. Went and bought something online. Jeez. Not that you can see me, but trust me, at least I look like I’m working and I know what I’m doing. Good thing I’m not on company time and it’s a communal office I can just go work.

Ok, clearly I can’t focus on this. Time to get moving. The motivation has happened, I have some ideas. Time to make the graphics!

-The Purple Hippo


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