Look at me!

Two days in a row. It’s officially a record. I can hardly believe it myself. Today I’ll be working downtown at the office. I love this building. Lots of people that you can chat with, but all are hard working and dedicated to making sure their work gets done. We always have great music playing and lots of relaxing spaces to decompress. It’s sure not a “normal” place by any means. There are a few tables with dividers that work as desk work spaces, but here we have lots of couches and chairs to get comfy in. We all work best when we can be comfortable and relaxed. Today I’ll be focusing on content creation for my etsy business and seeing if I can get a few things emailed out for a new brochure I have secured for the business.

I also hope to get out and speak to a couple of other businesses and see how their pages look. I’d love to help them out, they have so much more potential. We will see. Oh, and it’s almost 70 degrees in February, in Wisconsin. What is happening here? But don’t fret. We will have snow again this weekend. I can only imaging how my fibfomyalgia will react to the changes. Gotta love having an autoimmune disease with limited treatment options. But, I just keep going. No use getting down about it today. Another day, perhaps?

Tonight I’ll be going to an open mic night with my daughter. She was having an “off” morning, down and upset about something. I told her if she wasn’t up to going we didn’t have to go. She responds (as a 10 year old) “Mom, I want to be with my people”. This kid loves her hippie friends. It still amazes how quickly these amazing people have embraced my daughter and how she, who tends to clam up and internalize, comes out of her shell and becomes the girl I know she is. Confident and happy. I think I look forward to those three hours as much as she does.

Ok, enough for now. I have to be responsible and get work done. Have a wonderful Wednesday, folks.


-The Purple Hippo


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